How to Market Woodworking on Instagram

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How to Market Woodworking on Instagram

Here’s How to Marketing Woodworking on Instagram

After lots of practice and hard work, you’ve fine-tuned your woodworking skills to the point that you can make quality projects. Your family and friends are so impressed that you’re able to make such artistic woodworking products with your specialized equipment.

At this point, you probably have realized that not everyone has these skills, but most people appreciate the quality of good woodworking. With so few good woodworkers out there, you might even think that you can make money selling your projects.

A few hundred years ago, woodworking was in high demand for all kinds of projects, so many people learned the skill. Today, that is not the case. Instead, most people have no clue how to make anything, making woodworking a lucrative area.

At first glance, you might think that you can retire from your regular job and pursue woodworking full-time, selling your projects on the internet. While this sounds like a great idea, further thought might show a few flaws with this plan.

Know Your Market

One of the first challenges you will face is finding the market for selling woodworking. Even though many people might seem to be willing to pay for high-quality craftsmanship, selling products in real life can be an entirely different situation.

Selling products will not just happen. Simply having the skills to make whatever you want does not mean people will seek you out. You will need a channel for marketing. This is a basic fact of business, no one will buy what they do not know exists.

Even though marketing can be a challenge, our modern age has made it easier for artisans to advertise their products online. Simply scrolling through Instagram will show you experts in all kinds of skills making and selling their crafts.

But how can you harness the power of Instagram to sell transform your hobby and skills into a profitable job? There are a few tips that can help. Keep in mind, some of these might need to be changed to fit your personal circumstances. For the most part, these basic principles can be applied to selling all kinds of crafts across many different marketing platforms.

Competition Research

The first thing you will have to do is look at the competition. Find the Instagram accounts that are popular and selling wood crafts. Pay close attention to the writing style, themes, pictures and videos on these accounts. What they are doing is working, so make it work for you.

Thankfully, Instagram is full of woodworking and other crafting accounts for you to look at and take ideas from. Try searching a variety of woodworking hashtags. Do some research into which hashtags have the most posts, and be sure to include those tags in the posts you make.

Also, pay attention to the tone and style of their profiles and posts. Is there a certain style that they highlight? Do some projects get more likes than others? These posts can teach you a lot about what people want and are willing to buy.


Next, take full advantage of the hashtags that you see. Remember how Instagram works; don’t be afraid to attach quite a few hashtags to your post. When people search on Instagram, the only way they can find what they want is by searching hashtags.

With this in mind, look at as many accounts as you can. Pay attention to the hashtags that they use and write them down. Be sure to type out the hashtags correctly. Hashtags with typos won’t help you at all.

How to Market Woodworking on Instagram

It’s All About The Images

Once you have the written content handled, put a lot of effort into your images. Good pictures don’t just happen, you will have to be precise with your photos. While many phone cameras can take high-quality photos, make sure your settings are fine-tuned

You can take a high-quality picture and upload it, but still not get the likes and interest you want. Instagram is a social medium, don’t forget to add a social aspect to your posts.

For example, someone who sells watches can’t exclusively post pictures of watches on a plain background. They have to include posts with people wearing the watches, showing off the watches, and enjoying them. People like to see products in their context.

The same idea can be applied to woodworking. While showing off your project in the workshop can make for a nice post, you will also want to include images of people using the product, enjoying it, and showing it off. Make sure that everyone is seen enjoying the product- people will want to imitate them.

That is the primary reason people go to Instagram, to see people in their social sphere. Even when looking at products for sale, they are looking to see how people will react to them buying this product.


Lastly, don’t forget a good explanation. While a high-quality photo and good hashtags will draw attention to the post, people won’t know what they are looking at without a description. Don’t just explain what you made, what it is made of, what color it is, or other boring details

Instead, highlight the emotional and social aspects of what you have made. Connect with people personally through your post. Remember the purpose of Instagram and use it to its full potential. With these tips, you can harness the marketing power of Instagram to sell your woodworking projects. It’s how to market woodworking on Instagram 101!

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