What to Look For When Buying Woodworking Tools

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What to Look For When Buying Woodworking Tools

What to Look For When Buying Woodworking Tools

Is woodworking your new-found passion? You can kick start your venture with some handy woodworking tools. The process of purchasing tools can be exhaustive. Besides, if you are not making an informed decision, you may lose a hefty amount of money. Naturally, a beginner gets confused while finding the perfect equipment they need. They even are unaware of the varying styles, models, and functionalities. This article aims to help you in procuring the best woodworking tools. Read on.

You can procure the tools from leading e-commerce sites or any reputable physical store. You can even look for websites which are offering customized tools to fulfill your requirements.

Before we move on to the checklist for purchasing woodworking tools, let’s have a brief idea about the different manual and power equipment.

Power Tool Hand Tool
Circular saw Push cramps
Jigsaw Improvised benches
Table saw Hammer
Compound miter saw Utility knife
Power drill Sliding bevels
Router Hardpoint tenon saw
Random orbital sander Block plane


Research About the Tools

Are you looking for a new woodworking tool? Do you want some used equipment? In both cases, you need to do thorough research about the particular apparatus. You can find ideas about its manufacturers and features online, or you can seek consultation from an expert. Also, make sure to know about the post-sales services and maintenance procedure. Moreover, choose a machine from a company which has service centers near your locality. It is necessary because the equipment may require some repairing in the long run.

Know What You Want

Before visiting a shop or an online store, make sure to decide your mind on what you want. You may feel distracted when there will be a plethora of exhibits at any shop. Besides, you should also adhere to a fixed budget to get the best deals up for grabs. You can even go through testimonials to ensure that the tool you are choosing will exactly perform in the way you want.

Brand Matters

Do not get fooled by the low price of a woodworking tool manufactured by any random company. It may make you spend a fortune in the name of recurring repairs and fatal injuries. Especially, it is necessary to buy power tools from a reputable name.

But, choosing a brand such as Dewalt, Bosch or Makita is not enough. You also need to purchase a tool that is still in production in case you need parts or accessories down the road.

Look for a Particular Model

Filtering out your requirements is the best method for making a good purchase. Start getting into the intricacies of tool making and buying. Generally, different models from the same brand come with varying features. Though the core attributes remain the same, there is a possibility of an upgrade in every next offering. Sometimes, the scenario is even opposite where the users find the previous model to be more functional than the latest one. For example, the 2004 model of Makita miter saw is believed to be better than the 2008 version.

Going through reviews and consulting experts will not eat up much of your time. So, choose the model wisely!

What to Look For When Buying Woodworking Tools

Don’t Ignore the Ergonomics

A good woodworking tool is always user-friendly. It’s you who is ultimately going to use the equipment. Ask yourself if the weight of the tool is perfect for you to carry. Also, make sure that the handle is comfortable and contours to your hand. Above all, good ergonomics always makes a tool safe to use. Accidents are less likely to happen when you can perform complex woodworking tasks with ease.

Be Sure About the Quality of Equipment

The quality of a tool is a subjective affair. The parameters differ from one customer to another. For most people, it is a measurement of fulfilling the agreed-upon requirements. For example, if a saw can cut a 1 ½” plywood easily, it is good. Besides, if a tool is made of sturdy materials and can sustain damage, it will score quite high in quality.

Check the Motor in Action

Be 100% sure about the function of the motor before procuring a power tool. Repairing power tools is an expensive affair. It is not easy to determine how the motor is performing. Keep the following things in mind for necessary checks.

  • Are the blades running at the perfect speed?
  • Is the motor making any humming or buzzing sound?
  • Ask the seller to give a demonstration of how it is working at least for 2/3 minutes
  • For saws, check how the blades are going through a piece of wood

Most Importantly, Take Interest

Don’t gear up to buy a tool just because you need it for some woodworking project. Take an interest in the intricacies. Ask people. Listen to their stories of using special equipment. Take account of the drawbacks it may have. Take your time to decide where to buy it from. All these will help you have a satisfying experience with a tool at the end of the day.

The Final Thoughts

It does not matter if you are buying new or used equipment as long as serving your purpose. The basic requirements for choosing the best old and new woodworking tools are the same. Additionally, it would help if you were careful about the factors such as the current condition, parts to be replaced, accumulation of dust, dirt & grime, and age while buying a used tool.


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